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It based on code from “JetBrains/phpstorm-stubs” but instead of Php-Reflection we now use nikic/PHP-Parser, BetterReflection, phpDocumentor and PHPStan/phpdoc-parser internally. So, you can get even more information about the code. For example, psalm- / phpstan-phpdoc annotations or inheritdoc from methods.


composer require voku/simple-php-code-parser




Example: get value from define in “\foo\bar” namespace

$code = '
  namespace foo\bar;
  define("FOO_BAR", "Lall");

$phpCode = PhpCodeParser::getFromString($code);
$phpConstants = $phpCode->getConstants();

$phpConstants['\foo\bar\FOO_BAR']->value; // 'Lall'

Example: get information about @property phpdoc from a class

$code = '
   * @property int[] $foo 
  abstract class Foo { }

$phpCode = PhpCodeParser::getFromString($code);
$phpClass = $phpCode->getClass('Foo');

$phpClass->properties['foo']->typeFromPhpDoc); // int

Example: get classes from a string (or from a class-name or from a file or from a directory)

$code = '
namespace voku\tests;
class SimpleClass {}
$obja = new class() {};
$objb = new class {};
class AnotherClass {}

$phpCode = \voku\SimplePhpParser\Parsers\PhpCodeParser::getFromString($code);
$phpClasses = $phpCode->getClasses();

var_dump($phpClasses['voku\tests\SimpleClass']); // "PHPClass"-object

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